JO Art by Jadranka Orihovac

Where art meets fashion. 

With these words the JO Art carefully and with love handcraftet pieces can be described. The fully handmade jewelry and interior ornaments are designed to accent the unique style not just of the recipient but the designer herself, Jadranka Orihovac.

Her talent for creating new and modern yet eternally classic with the vintage and eclectic spirit, and all of that from totally recyclable materials, makes her a pioneer of sustainability in the Croatian design circles.

The statement bracelets and necklaces are pure original kaleidoscope of glamorous accents like Swarowski crystals beads, Murano glass, feathers, fur, the velvety ribbons, classy pearls dashing the whispers of vintage romaticism and baroque lavish. Each piece individually is unique handmade and two identical items never get made. And yet these pieces are still captured eternally in a trend because they are dazzled with originality that never goes out of style, guided by guided by the principle of “Fashion fade, style is eternal”.  Easy to incorpirate in every outfit, from urban and streestyle to high elegance, JO Art jewelry is here to accentuate your personality that everyone will notice spreding  positive energy, exceptional beauty and happiness.

The unique candels and ornamented eggs are another level of infusing the authentic touch to your interior. They are fully handmade from again recycled materials, boosted with love and care and added aromathic oils. The tins are decorated with lace, shells from Adriatic sea, by nature produced gifts like dry fruit or chest nuts. For every occasion the candles, especially the sculpted ones, are here to be the perfect gift for a dear person just like the decorative eggs that transfer the known Easter occasions’ conotations and spread into the everlasting decor that enchants and produces the visual magic.

Step into the JO Art world and feel the power of high-defined design that corresponds to refined taste and desire! 

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