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Jewelry gallery


We would like to introduce jewelry JO Art. The fashion jewelry in our store is no mass ware. All products are in the workshops are unique pieces and designed and manufactured the designer Jadranka Orihovac.

We invite you, the diversity to discover the jewelry designs.Delight on special materials, various surfaces of trendy and timeless design and purchase custom jewelry that not everyone has. Have fun browsing.

Candle Can gallery

Candle Can

The unique scented candles in a tin can with Art Deco image transfered adorned with satin lace ribbons, hand-crocheted lace, feather, rhinestones, beads and other decorative fragments. Never mind the fact that candles can change a room’s ambient.   After burning the wax out, the holders should enjoy life as your favorite can for nice memories . I hope you will find here something that will delight your heart.   It will be a beautiful addition to home, inviting elegance and character with its vintage inspired design. Add some character to your room!
Eggs gallery

Decorative Eggs

Traditional customs and decorating Easter eggs, bring nostalgia for the good things of times past and give us the imagination for creating a unique vintage eggs with a nice story from the past. Lace, satin, velvet ribbon, crocheted details, pearls, beads, feathers, golden color and glittering stones, emphasize the grandeur and applied motives girl, a lady and a young man from some past century give a special Art Deco charm JO Art decorative eggs, which is made with great care.  Eggs should not only be present for Easter, they can decorate your home and give it glamor.
Wax sculpture candles gallery

Sculpture wax candles

Unique handmade candle – Art sculpture of wax, composed of natural ingredients, aromatic oil fragrance, 100 % Ecologically sustainable production. Summer Collection candle take a sculpture form of high quality wax with natural origin marine stone, sea shells, mussels, winkles, crabs. Winter Collection candle take a sculpture form of high quality wax with a variety of seeds, twigs, spices, pasta, dried fruits and vegetables. Especially during the Christmas holidays give the perfect charm of the table decoration. Candles can fit in any interior and give it a special atmosphere. You must love them and would like to have them for your own collections, as birthday gifts, or keep as art objects.

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